'3 Money Mindset Shifts' Event with Rebeca Lima

'3 Money Mindset Shifts' Event with Rebeca Lima

This year, I’m taking education to an exciting new level for female entrepreneurs in my network. One transformational development made to The Initiative Mastermind female entrepreneur community – the mastermind community I lead – is the addition of monthly expert speakers.

Our first guest expert will speak to our Initiative Mastermind community February 2nd at 1pm CT about "3 Money Mindset Shifts To Increase Your Sales." This event will be recorded for those who missed the live opportunity.

Rebeca’s message to our community will be an incredibly strong one for female entrepreneurs who pack all kinds of beliefs about making money into every single day in their business! 

Our beliefs about money and our ability to create value where money is a result has a direct effect on the success of our businesses as women small business owners.

Since our business decisions often revolve around how to create the greatest amount of profit, how are we supposed to conceptualize the possibilities if we aren’t comfortable even talking about money?


Why is money mindset vital for female entrepreneurs?

As women, we were raised to believe that talking about money is impolite. Since it exists and since its implications are ever-present, but we can’t talk about it, women are left to figure out money by themselves.

As entrepreneurs, we have to lean into this hard but crucial topic and help one other become more informed about how knowledge of money can create better businesses. 

Even Forbes is calling females to become money savvy in its article written by Caroline Castrillon, “Why It’s Time for Female Entrepreneurs to Break the Money Taboo.” 

The Initiative Mastermind presentation will be led by Rebeca Lima during the community Office Hours. Want to listen in? The Initiative Mastermind offers a 7-day free trial at www.InitiativeMastermind.com and you can access the presentation inside.

Money Mindset Coach

Meet Rebeca: As a business coach, I help entrepreneurs make more money through simple strategies and money mindset. I work with high-achieving entrepreneurs who are ready to become CEOs of their business. 

After a short bout with homelessness I had to figure out money mindset pretty quickly and after being a financial administrator of a multi-million dollar business for a decade - now I help entrepreneurs make more money and master money mindset while ditching the overwhelm and anxiety that entrepreneurship brings!


Rebeca is also sharing over 40 Money Making Journal Prompts with our members so they can pair her message with action to create transformation in their businesses. 

This one-hour presentation will become a point in your entrepreneurial career that you look back on to pinpoint where your beliefs about money began to shift.

As female entrepreneurs, we can shift our thoughts and beliefs about making money, but it starts with each one of us taking the initiative surround ourselves with other women who empower, support, and uplift.

Interested in being part of the transformation? The Initiative Mastermind offers a 7-day free trial at www.InitiativeMastermind.com where you can access today's presentation. 


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