'5 Insider Secrets To A Profitable, Successful Facebook Group' Event with Samantha Harradine

'5 Insider Secrets To A Profitable, Successful Facebook Group' Event with Samantha Harradine

This year, I’m taking education to an exciting new level for female entrepreneurs in my network. One transformational development made to The Initiative Mastermind female entrepreneur community – the mastermind community I organize and lead – is the addition of monthly expert speakers.

Our second guest expert of the year will speak to our Initiative Mastermind community on March 2nd at 1pm CT about "5 Insider Secrets To A Profitable, Successful Facebook Group." This event will be recorded for those who have to miss the live opportunity to hear the presentation. 

Having a community to pour into is one tool that helps entrepreneurs hone their craft and develop an audience whose needs specifically align with the entrepreneur's strengths. Samantha's message to our community will provide insight for female entrepreneurs who already run or are thinking about running their own communities, whether on Facebook or in a private network.

Running an Online Business

Having a strong community of support is vital to entrepreneurs conducting business online for many reasons: Best practices change rapidly with tech advancements, entrepreneurship can be lonely and confusing without a network of good decision-makers to ask questions to, and because so much of our lives are taking place online, communication and connection is changing.  

Why is a community so important for running a business?

An audience is attracted to action. With so much noise clouding consumers' attention online - blogs, podcasts, social media, email marketing - organizing a focused discussion in a single place where your audience and potential customers can learn from, build trust with, and connect with you helps build repeat touch points, which are crucial for guiding a potential customer through the buying cycle. 

The Initiative Mastermind presentation will be led by Samantha Harradine during the community Office Hours. Want to listen in? The Initiative Mastermind offers a 7-day free trial at www.InitiativeMastermind.com and you can access the presentation inside.

Meet Samantha Harradine, Facebook Community Expert

how to grow a facebook community, experts Samantha and Steve Harradine

"I first stumbled into the world of Facebook groups over 9 years ago.

I very quickly realised their HUGE impact, and have been using them, and teaching & training others how to do the same, ever since. 

I've helped thousands of business owners and online experts to leverage the POWER of Facebook groups for their businesses, with 1 to 1 coaching, memberships, group programs, and our free community.

I'm a Facebook Power Admin, which is an invite-only, Facebook run community, & was invited to FB HQ earlier this year because of my work within our Facebook communities.

I was also invited to work with the Facebook team this summer to help them shape the Facebook Community Manager certification, and am now a Facebook certified community manager."


Facebook Community Presentation Overview

The ESSENTIAL insider information you need to know to build a successful, profitable group


  • Getting the foundations RIGHT
  • The ESSENTIAL part you MUST have set up correctly in order to GROW your group with your PERFECT customers & clients
  • WHERE to find your ideal group members
  • HOW to get them to join your group, WITHOUT being spammy or using the dreaded 'INVITE' button
  • How to keep your group members coming back for more, and becoming your loyal buyers.
  • No tech, no ad spend, and HIGHLY effective! 

Interested in being part of the transformation? The Initiative Mastermind offers a 7-day free trial at www.InitiativeMastermind.com where you can access today's presentation. 


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