9 Ways to Do Good in this Great Time of Need

9 Ways to Do Good in this Great Time of Need

"Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." - Mister Rogers

Humans are amazing. Seriously, I've heard more do good'ers in the last 48-hours as COVID-19-related cancelations continue to roll in than I have heard complaints. It's encouraging and contagious - a positive mindset we'll continue to need so we can amplify the good as we go forward in what will be a very challenging season ahead.


Coming out stronger than we were going into this crisis will require deliberate action, patience, and grace...from all of us.

Here are 9 ways to make a positive impact in your circle of influence.

#1 Take your newfound "free time" to tackle your “someday” list and encourage others to do the same

That book you’ve always said you were going to read when you had the time. (One of my favorites is, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People^.) The fitness regimen you’ve been wanting to start. Here’s a silver platter with opportunity waiting for you to take advantage of it.

Use this time not as a set back, but as a springboard for becoming a better you. This will require you to make deliberate decisions about how you'll spend your time, but there's no better time to do it than when the world is requiring a big jolt in your schedule.


#2 Focus on impacting your local small business ecosystem

Consider local businesses before big box stores for your needs. Consider purchasing gift cards from restaurants and small businesses for use at a later time. This will help provide cash flow to get local small businesses through the challenging season ahead. You’re still exchanging value for value that you can cash in at a later time. 

There will be more negative economic "trickle down" from the mandatory shut downs than we can even fathom at this time. A change in buying habits this profound can obliterate small businesses, but it doesn't have to if we each carefully consider how we can make an impact.


#3 Commit to giving "the benefit of the intention" rather than "the benefit of the doubt"

Switching to the mindset of "giving the benefit of the intention" introduces the human element and embraces the reality that we often have no idea what unique challenges others are facing. There are challenging days ahead for many of us - there's no doubt about it. Giving one another grace will be crucial to keep a healthy level of stability. 


#4 Tackle your weekend to-do lists now to free up time in the future for less stress and more opportunity

Here are 5 ideas:

  1. Clean out your closet

  2. Spring clean - get the kids involved so they can see what it takes to manage the household.

  3. Sanitize kids toys

  4. Organize that space you always pray no guests see

  5. Do your taxes - you'll make a big difference in your accountant's life if you get your taxes done now instead of waiting until the deadline.


#5 Donate money to the food bank

If you have the option, instead of donating food to the food bank, donate money so they can buy the food. Their spending power is far greater than the average civilian, which means they can stretch the money further and amplify the good.


#6 Stop and commit to memory the time you’re spending with your family

This is a fantastic time to slow down and be present, a “reset” if you will. Being present with your children pays dividends to their lives and to the community.

#7 Get outside and explore

Nature and fresh air are so good for mental health and your energized mood will be contagious to others.


#8 Actively look for opportunities to help others

Open your eyes and ears and notice those around you. We’re going into a great season of need and there’s no telling how the trickle down effect will completely rock people’s worlds in the weeks and months ahead, so we have to be on the lookout to make a difference.

Even people with “professional roles” may need assistance and not know how to ask because of forced unpaid leave and layoffs in the coming months.


#9 Message your connections in the medical field, transportation industry, and those whose public role will limit their income ability or stretch them beyond capacity

Show appreciation and perhaps ask how you can specifically support or pray for them. There's so much unknown in the coming days. Perhaps your encouraging word could be the only thing that gets them through a rough day.


"Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." - Mister Rogers


What are some ideas you have for spreading the good? Share in the comments

^This is an affiliate link because I only recommend resources that have been impactful on my business journey and if you're considering purchasing the resource anyway, we might as well capitalize on the opportunity. 



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