Female Mastermind Feature: Kim VanderPoel, Marketing Strategist

Female Mastermind Feature: Kim VanderPoel, Marketing Strategist

Monthly Mastermind Feature: Kim VanderPoel, Marketing Strategist

A feature of entrepreneurship that's always stood out to me is the mindset of "community over competition" that seems to permeate small business circles. This idea that "we're in this together" and "there's enough success to go around" and "your success will never detract from my own" ignites and connects communities of entrepreneurs. 

It's no different in our female business mastermind. Inside our community, we have coaches rooting for one another and lending actionable insight about how to get better. We have marketing strategists combining forces to benefit two businesses that would otherwise be considered "competition." 

When Kim VanderPoel decided to join the mastermind, she brought her grit, grace, and marketing expertise with her. She's well-calculated and transparent, and just the type of strong business leader others learn from.

I'm thrilled to introduce you to Kim. She's the owner of Fresh Impact, a creative content and social media marketing company helping small business owners effectively convey their message online.


1. What do you do and who do you do it for?

Fresh Impact offers social media management and/or training for service based businesses, including a course on using Instagram for business, which will be launching in the near future!


2. How have you grown since joining the mastermind?

I love this group as it is helping me to dream bigger. It's supportive, encouraging and motivating me to up level my business.


A fierce leader with heart


marketing strategist, Kim VanderPoel


3. What are some of your goals over the next 12 months?

Our team has BIG goals for 2021. Our goals are to double our clients growth as well as Fresh Impact!!


 4. What's important to you outside of business?

My faith, my family, and my friends. Community.

 5. What are your favorite things to do on the weekends?

Visit farmer markets, hike, spend time with family, go on adventures, read, visit coffee shops.


6. What encouraging message do you want to share with other members?

YOU are capable and YOU can do this! All the feelings are real, embrace them, work through them, and continue taking the steps towards your goals.


7. What's something you've learned from running a business that would be helpful for others to know?

How important it is to surround myself with other smart, savvy business owners who believe in me, can encourage me and speak truth.


8. What difference do you want to make with your business?

1. To offer service based business owners an opportunity to use social media to market their businesses in a fresh, new way. A way that is authentic to their brand, and impactful to the world at large.

2. To offer moms an opportunity to work from home offering professional services while giving them the ability to live within their priorities.

3. To provide assistance in and to offer the opportunity for collaboration and community.


Connect with Kim VanderPoel

Work with Kim: https://kimvanderpoel.com/

Connect with Kim on Instagram: @FreshmpactwithKim


Interested in joining a Female Mastermind?

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What is a mastermind?

A mastermind is a community of peers who exchange ideas, provide support, and offer sound advice for running a successful business. According to Forbes, a mastermind's purpose is to help you navigate challenges using the group's collective intelligence.

Mastermind groups are gaining notoriety as game changers in business for good reason: Female entrepreneurs recognize that their thoughts create results so they're intentionally surrounding themselves with high achievers who they can exchange ideas and support with.

About this empowering community

As a tight-knit community, we help each other create better results than any one of us could attain alone. We share openly and generously in this safe space. We celebrate each other's wins and we communicate what works and what doesn't to help one another rise. 

When committed, motivated goal-getters gather in one space, a beautiful synergy happens. Actionable conversation flows, powerful experiences are shared so others can learn, and a new world of possibilities begin to emerge.

Visit www.InitiativeMastermind.com to join this life-changing community. 


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