Female Mastermind Feature: Molly Pflederer, Holistic Health Coach

Female Mastermind Feature: Molly Pflederer, Holistic Health Coach

Monthly Mastermind Feature: Molly Pflederer, Holistic Health Coach

It's no coincidence that our business colleagues and acquaintances often become our best friends. This is Molly Pflederer for me. The reason why? Business is rarely just business, especially as an entrepreneur. Work life and personal life coincide and many times, overlap. 

When we surround ourselves with strong community, that community becomes our support system. Topics about life and business come up because business is life and life is business. 

That's why when I learned about Molly's family values, strong commitment to helping her clients thrive, strong roots in her Christian faith, and all-around devoted nature as a friend, I knew I wanted to be in each other's circles not just in business, but in life too. 

Please meet Molly Pflederer, an incredible mom, wife, and faith-based female entrepreneur who teaches women sustainable life habits so they can get on track and stay on track when it comes to holistic health (which just means that our health is SO much more than eating and working out - it's our values, stress levels, sleep, social circles, and more.)

1. What do you do and who do you do it for?

Integrative Health & Fitness Coach.  I help women feel empowered in their health journey by equipping them with the proper tools and strategies to fulfill their God given purpose with confidence and success!

2. How have you grown since joining the mastermind?


I haven't given up.  Running your own business is HARD, from the ins and outs, all the minor, yet important, details that are required of you sure makes some days challenging enough to throw in the towel. 

The Founding Females Mastermind has served as amazing accountability, resource, relationship building community & Francie's professional guidance which all have kept me on the right path while building my business. 

My growth has come in the form of believing in myself through all of those qualities of The Founding Females Mastermind!

A fierce leader with heart

Holistic Health Coach, Molly Pflederer


3. What are some of your goals over the next 12 months?

Some of my goals include reaching more women to help them find confidence.  It's not about numbers and money, it's about helping women experience freedom and success at the same time.

 4. What's important to you outside of business?

Jesus & my family!

 5. What are your favorite things to do on the weekends?

Be outside and do something active and fun with my family.  Rest a bit, the weeks are busy and we start early in the morning.  I  like to at least allow myself one day to sleep until I wake up, which usually ends up being 6:30 a.m., lol.

6. What encouraging message do you want to share with other members?

Lean into the community and learn.  Apply these practices, try it, try something.  We don't always know what direction to take our business until we try new things. 

We also will never see our full potential if we are afraid to fail.  "Failing" is where we learn to press on.  Besides, they aren't failures, they are lessons learned!

7. What's something you've learned from running a business that would be helpful for others to know?

Patience.  It usually takes longer to see progress than we hope for.  Also, don't give up, just take breaks if you are at the end of your rope.  Usually a 1-2 day refresher is all I need to jump back in. 

Meaning, sometimes I have to set aside my work for a day or two, go do something I love and shift my focus off of work for a bit.  Take part in some self care or something you love that will make you feel rejuvenated so that you can jump back into your work feeling motivated!

8. What difference do you want to make with your business?

I want my services to be the last place a woman stops.  Meaning, equip her to continue a healthy lifestyle over the long haul, not just another quick fix.

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