Expert Guest Speaker: Hanna Morgan, Mindset Coach

Expert Guest Speaker: Hanna Morgan, Mindset Coach

This year, we're taking education to an exciting new level for female entrepreneurs. One transformational development made to The Initiative Mastermind female entrepreneur community in 2021 – the mastermind community I organize and lead – is the addition of monthly expert speakers.

Our third guest expert of the year spoke to our Initiative Mastermind community on April 6, 2021 at 1pm CT with her presentation titled, "Authentically You." This event will was recorded for those who had to miss the live opportunity to hear the presentation. 

Hanna's message to our community provided insight to empower female entrepreneurs to set boundaries to create a life they want to live.

Meet Hanna Morgan, Mindset Life Coach

Hanna Morgan Life Coach


"Hanna Morgan is a Life Coach for women and expert on finding what’s best for you! Hanna grew up a perfectionist and lived life trying to please.

She got lost in helping others and forgot about helping herself. This left her burnout and unfulfilled.

She realized that her dreams mattered and fulfillment came when she put herself first. She learned to do things her own way and not just follow the crowd.

Now she teaches other women to find fulfillment in their own life. Through self-discovery, boundary setting and mindset shifts, Hanna helps women find the life they’ll love. Hanna is passionate about helping women and empowering them to fight for their dreams."

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Having a strong community of support is vital to entrepreneurs conducting business online for many reasons: Best practices change rapidly with tech advancements, entrepreneurship can be lonely and confusing without a network of good decision-makers to ask questions to, and because so much of our lives are taking place online, communication and connection is changing.  

Having a community to pour into is one tool that helps entrepreneurs hone their craft and develop an audience whose needs specifically align with the entrepreneur's strengths. 

Interested in being part of the transformation? The Initiative Mastermind offers a 7-day free trial at where you can access Hanna's presentation. 


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