Female Mastermind Feature: Leann Stickel | The Frosting of Life

Female Mastermind Feature: Leann Stickel | The Frosting of Life

Monthly Mastermind Feature: Leann Stickel, Life Coach and MS Nonprofit Organizer 

Leann Stickel, Life Coach

You may remember Leann Stickel from our Initiative Mastermind Grit Series. She's impossible to forget - full of life with an incredible story to share. 

Her experience with MS has lead her to coach others dealing with "crummy things they didn't sign up for." She had recently launched her business when we featured her last, and since then, she's made incredible strides positively impacting her 1:1 clients and private member community.

1. What do you do and who do you do it for?

I am a life coach helping women that are struggling with life junk they didn't choose (ie. chronic illness). 

I help guide them so that they are making progress, feel in charge of their story and have an improved perspective.

I'm a wife, mom of 4 & woman living with Multiple Sclerosis for 10 years and a Life Coach. 

I believe I am genetically optimistic, love finding the good & teaching others how to be the boss of their story. 

Encouraging progress towards goals is one of my super powers 👏


2. How have you grown since joining the mastermind?

I have grown by learning so many behind the scenes tips and tricks for running my business. 

Also my confidence has grown because of fellow entrepreneurs supporting and validating my dream.


The Epitome of Positive



3. What are some of your goals over the next 12 months?

I want to reach 50 women - either working together 1-1 or as part of my small coaching group.


 4. What's important to you outside of business?

My family.  My health.  My community service.


 5. What are your favorite things to do on the weekends?

Hang with family.  Entertain.  Go camping & boating.


6. What encouraging message do you want to share with other members?

Hope changes everything. 

Get clear on what you can control, and do a good job with those things. 

When we can see the path ahead, there is hope for improvement.  It makes the journey so much better. 

Let go of the rest. 

Also, celebrate!  High five everyone including yourself!


7. What's something you've learned from running a business that would be helpful for others to know?

It's easy to complicate the beginning because there is so much to learn. 

Focus on your purpose and do that well.


8. What difference do you want to make with your business?

I want the women I work with to feel more optimistic about their future. 

I want them to have the tools to move forward and make progress in their lives that brings joy & contentment. 

I want to inspire people to believe that being positive is a skill that they can learn, practice and get better at...and I want to teach them.


Connect with Leann Stickel

Be coached by Leann: www.LeannStickel.com

Connect with Julie on Instagram: @iamleannstickel


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