Female Mastermind Feature: Meg Church Smithson, Self Sabotage Coach

Female Mastermind Feature: Meg Church Smithson, Self Sabotage Coach

Monthly Mastermind Feature: Meg Church Smithson, Self Sabotage Life Coach


You know those "good humans" - those rare gems, the special relationships you only find once in a while? The people you hold on to tightly when you find them because they make others better everywhere they go?

Meg Church Smithson is exactly that.  

She has a calm tenacity, a curious diligence, and a light-hearted boldness to her. 

I love introducing my audience to her because her outlook on life is contagious, relatable, and applicable. You're going to LOVE Meg Church Smithson!

1. What do you do and who do you do it for?

I am a life coach who specializes in relationship repair & self sabotage. I help driven women get out of their own way.

2. How have you grown since joining the mastermind?

I have had even more accountability to goal setting due to the epic circle of women inside the group.

I’ve had more connection, virtually, despite a global pandemic shutting down in person connection opportunities.

I’ve been able to learn from others’ successes & strategies that they use, & take bits & pieces & make it applicable to mine. I’ve been able to learn from a detail oriented, intentional & integrity based female bosses, with our fearless leader Francie.

A fierce leader with heart


Meg Church Smithson


3. What are some of your goals over the next 12 months?

I will work smarter, not harder.

I will have a FULL private practice of high level women seeking to get out of their own way & become bulletproof.

I will have more testimonials from my DIY coaching courses: Bulletproof YOU & the Relationship Revolution, and referrals flowing in due to helping transform hundreds of women’s’ lives & relationships.

I will market to thousands of people, via interviews in multiple forms.

I will fully embody my word for 2021: BECOME.

 4. What's important to you outside of business?

My relationships, my family & my legacy.
My health.
My faith.
Continual growth (personal development).
Service & truly helping others makes my heart smile.

 5. What are your favorite things to do on the weekends?

Anything that feeds my 2 highest values: connection & creativity. I love family walks, intentional family time, food prepping (or anything with my hands), & date nights. I love learning via books, podcasts, videos, etc.

6. What encouraging message do you want to share with other members?

What type of legacy do you want to leave? How do you want to leave this earth better than when you arrived? Ponder that & let it sink in. For me, I want to leave a “Love Legacy.”

7. What's something you've learned from running a business that would be helpful for others to know?

Less is more. Try to focus in on one thing, trial & error that ONE thing, then check in & reflect on that one area.

THEN make decisions in that ONE area. Doing too many things all at once doesn’t create success.

All that is, is busyness & running from your genius.

Your genius is so close to you, that often times you don’t even recognize it.

8. What difference do you want to make with your business?

I truly want to help women get out of their own way, embrace their own self worth, & be able to create a domino effect that spreads out to their families, their relationships, the world, all while creating a ‘love legacy.’ I want to make self sabotage less daunting & more simple to slay.

Connect with Meg Church Smithson

Work with Meg: Meg's Life Coach Site

Join Meg's Self Sabotage Slayers Facebook group: Self Sabotage Slayers


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