The Grit Series with Andrea Johnson, Owner of Annie Elaine Bath Co.

The Grit Series with Andrea Johnson, Owner of Annie Elaine Bath Co.

The Grit Series with Andrea Johnson, Owner of Annie Elaine Bath Co.


About The Grit Series

The Grit Series is a series of collaborations focused on small business owners putting in the grit to build something great. Each interview spotlights a business savvy member of The Initiative Mastermind and there's a ton to learn from each one about running a small business! 



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Andrea's Bio + Street Cred

Hi, I'm Andrea and I started a self-care product business to help others that struggle with mental health disorders like myself. I have had Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and ADD/ADHD for as long as I can remember.

I have ups and downs sometimes at the same time ALL THE TIME. Making these products gives me some bit of control and calm between the noise and encourages me to take care of myself through product testing because I usually feel better after a bath.


Annie Elaine Bath Co bath bombs


Quick Q&A with Andrea Johnson, Owner of Annie Elaine Bath Co.


In 2 minutes, tell us how you became an entrepreneur.

I taught myself how to crochet about 8 years ago and started Hey There Hooker. I mostly did it as a hobby and to make gifts for friends. I did get orders for custom items which I thought was cool to get paid to do something you enjoy.
A few years later my mom got into essential oils and mentioned I could make bath bombs with it so I did and I've been making them ever since. I use vintage jello molds as a way to remember my Grandma Martha and her love of antique kitchen utensils.

What do you do and who do you do it for?

I make bath and body products with vintage inspiration for anyone that needs a little self-care.


Have you found work that sets your soul on fire? 

I really enjoy the process of making something out of nothing and for me that's making bath bombs and crochet.


What's the best business advice you've received?

Put your personality into every part of your business.

What has been your hardest entrepreneurial lesson learned?

You can't please everyone.

Ever gotten any bad business advice?

Add sales tax into the cost of the product.

What's your scariest/wildest/most exhilarating moment in your journey so far?

My most exciting moment was getting my bath bombs into two local stores Relics and Peoria Made.

When it comes to getting work done, early riser or night owl?

Night owl for sure. I feel energized by the moon and drained by the sun especially in the summer time because I'm sensitive to heat.


What responsibility do you like the least in running your business? 

I really don't like bookkeeping - there's so many things to keep track of for an unorganized person like myself and designing labels because it takes me awhile to find what looks right to me.

What's the secret to your success? 

Quality control. I'm hypercritical on product appearance and performance. I want everything to be perfect for the person that buys it. If I'm not happy with it I won't sell it.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs just getting started?

Whatever you do make it you.

Where can people connect with you? facebook and instagram @annieelainebathco






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