The Grit Series with Leann Stickel, Life Coach

The Grit Series with Leann Stickel, Life Coach

The Grit Series with Leann Stickel


About The Grit Series

The Grit Series is a series of collaborations focused on small business owners putting in the grit to build something great. Each interview spotlights a business savvy member of The Initiative Mastermind and there's a ton to learn from each one about running a small business! 



The Initiative Mastermind is a community of small business owners who rally around getting better at business together. Daily, we share insight on what works, what doesn't work, and strategy for adapting and pivoting in the ever-changing business ecosystem. Click to join The Initiative Mastermind.


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Leann's Bio + Street Cred

Leann Stickel is the wife to Don and mom to four kiddos. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009 at the age of 29. In the last 10 years she has learned what it means to keep showing up.

When faced with chronic illness, there is a period of mourning the future you had once pictured for yourself and her optimism was put to the test. She always says she's genetically optimistic (just ask her about The Frosting Philosophy) and she's using that gift to help people learn how to apply a positive perspective to challenges in their lives.

She loves to cheer, support, teach, and then cheer some more. So becoming a life coach was an obvious path and one that felt very natural. She teaches that keeping a positive outlook is a skill - which means we can learn it and get better at it! So much hope.

 Leann Stickel, Life Coach 

Quick Q&A with Leann Stickel, Life Coach

In 2 minutes, tell us how you became an entrepreneur.

I became an entrepreneur because I have new/different/creative ideas around improving patient support. I needed to make my own way. So a business was born. My title is coach/speaker/author - they may not all be checked off yet, but are part of the plan.


What do you do and who do you do it for?

I am a life coach for women learning to thrive in spite of their chronic illness.


Have you found work that sets your soul on fire? 

Oh yes, I love encouraging and empowering women to be in charge of their story. When you are diagnosed with a chronic condition so much feels out of control. I love helping them find joy in the areas they can "boss".


What's the best business advice you've received?

Get going! Success is a puzzle, not a list. We have to starting putting pieces in before we'll see the picture clearly.


What has been your hardest entrepreneurial lesson learned?

That there is no way to know EVERYTHING before you move any one part.

Ever gotten any bad business advice?

Nope! :)

What's your scariest/wildest/most exhilarating moment in your journey so far?

Scariest was deciding to invest in certification and it turned into the most exhilarating! It was so validating to love every minute of class, practicing and leaving with so much hope of the impact we can have on the lives around us!

When it comes to getting work done, early riser or night owl?

Early riser - way more energy in this girl before 3 pm!


What responsibility do you like the least in running your business? 

Sitting at the computer doing all the technical hoopla :)

What's the secret to your success? 

Focusing on my zone of genius - knowing what I'm good at and circling back to that as my original motivation to start.


What advice would you give to entrepreneurs just getting started?

Choose your first steps in places you feel the most confident and build on those successes. Momentum is doesn't just appear out of thin air.

Where can people connect with you? 

Instagram: @hugs_and_high5s




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