6 Ways to Focus on Your Mindset for Business Success

6 Ways to Focus on Your Mindset for Business Success

6 Reasons Why Focusing on Your Mindset is Crucial to Business Success

Your business is a byproduct of your repetitive thoughts 

If you are a business owner, your business is a byproduct of your repetitive thoughts. You took something that never existed and you created something that generates revenue, something that delivers value to other people. 


Your success is determined by your repetitive thoughts, habits, and behaviors.  

I spoke at a conference recently about, 4 Habits for Successful Business. One of the things that I talked about is how your small decisions matter. How your attitude, thought processes and habits make up the outcomes that you see in your life.

It’s not the winning lotto ticket types of opportunities that make people successful. It's their day-to-day, moment-to-moment, decision-making thoughts and repetitive types of motion that they go through. 

Cultivating those repetitive thoughts for success is SO important and when you own your business you are your business, so continuing to sharpen your  mental muscle will pay dividends when it comes to making decisions in your business.


    1. You tell the world what matters to you with each day to day activity you invest time in

    1. Are you pushing yourself outside your comfort zone?
    2. Are you voting for success or for average?
    3. Your repetitive thoughts form your neurological wiring. 
    4. Which of your thoughts and habits lead to successful outcomes? How can you produce more of that?

    If you're not seeing the results that you're looking for in your business start with your repetitive thoughts. Change your thoughts to change your world.


    2. Morning Routine 

    Take time to consider how you want your day to play out. 

    The precedent that you set for your day, when your feet hit the floor in the morning guides you through out the day. I encourage you to take a look at how you want your day to play out.

    How do you want to manage your time, how do you want to treat people, how do you want to think, how do you want to behave, what do you want to accomplish by the end of the day? Think through that and create that mental mapping for yourself in the morning.

    You have the opportunity at every moment of the day to change for the good!

    3. Plan ahead to take time to quiet your mind with meditation apps

    You cannot get better at business if you're constantly just trying to check off the next to do. Take a moment throughout your day and reflect. Reflect on past decisions, past behaviors, look to see what worked and didn't work and think to yourself how you want to integrate that information into your day to day into your new habits. 

    I’m Type A, very high strung so if I don’t make time to relax, I don’t and I fizzle. I know that I have got to schedule that time into my day. I love using the Insight timer app, the Calm app - I just like to sit there and go through either meditation or just some relaxing music and just relax. 

    There is power in slowing the pace and taking time to just be, to just think, to just pause, and refrain from constantly being on the go.


    4. Identify what's not working in your business

    Here are some things that are NOT working for business owners when it comes to getting better.


    Don't compare your beginning or your middle to someone else’s end. Comparison is not going to get you anywhere. It's good to know what the competition is doing, good to realize what’s out there but keep your eyes on your own path and just keep pressing forward. 

    Judging your worth based on social media signals

    How many followers you have is not an indication of how valuable you are, how much potential you have, or what your worth is. You cannot expect to compete with an algorithm that has been put in place and probably changes on the regular with it's purpose being to make money. Facebook and Instagram are pay to play platforms at this point so you cannot judge your worth or the value of your content based on likes follows or shares.

    Scarcity mindset: Thinking that someone else’s success detracts from your own

    One of my favorite favorite tips for people is based off of the premise of giving before you receive. Asking people, "Hey, what can I do for you?," "Who can I send your way?," "How can I support your business?"

    Someone else's success will never detract from your own, so I encourage you to be in other people's corners. Put yourself there just assume that you are a cheerleader for other people's success.


    5. Personal “Truths” 

    What personal truths guide your life? Think about your moral compass and your values. 

    Some of the beliefs that I hold to be truths are as follows:

    • I can do anything I put my mind to (with hard work)
    • I am in control of my success (I'm not at the mercy of something or someone else)
    • I have every resource at my finger tips I need to be successful (intention to crucial to my success, but as long as I continue to put one foot in front of the other, I have everything I need).

    What are your personal truths?

    6. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts 

    What's the point in running a business if you're not happy doing it? Not every task or to do in your business will bring you joy, buy your business life generally should bring you joy I encourage you to put steps in place to build a business that you love waking up to. 

    Take time to prioritize strengthening your mindset to build a better business. 

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