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Digital marketing encompasses efforts to connect with a business's target market through digital channels like social media, search engines, email, influencers, online courses, a website or blog, and much more. The primary goal of digital marketing is identifying where potential buyers spend time online and presenting an effective and consistent message that converts those potential leads into paying customers. 





WHAT IS IT? A 60-minute customized one-on-one session packed with information about leveraging digital marketing to impact your bottom line.

Our Digital Marketing Power Session is a one-on-one consultation customized to your unique business and target market. We first evaluate your web presence in preparation for a 60-minute consultation identifying for you gaps in your strategy and areas of opportunity that can add up to make a big impact on your bottom line. No need to live locally - we can also connect via video conferencing for this service.

The consultation fee includes time we invest to research your digital presence and current strategy, and time to carefully formulate customized curriculum for our one-on-one meeting. You'll leave with a better understanding of what's working, and how to tweak what's not working for better results.


2. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT - Starting at $375/month

WHAT IS IT? Presenting a cohesive and consistent message through social media channels is critical for targeting customers where they already spend time online. We help identify those channels and craft effective marketing messages.

Leveraging a social media presence is a necessary, though ever-changing part of marketing your business online. With regular algorithm changes, new feature announcements around every corner, and platforms that each take on their own personality, we help companies ensure their social presence is optimal and effective.

Do you need to be omnipresent across all popular social media channels? No. In fact, we wouldn't recommend trying because not every channel will be the right fit for your company and target audience.

But your company's social presence does need to reflect an understanding of digital communication norms unique to each social platform you choose to leverage. Simply Integrated provides companies with guidance to understand and leverage:

    • What kind of content works best with each platform
    • How to leverage engagement and interaction from ideal customers
    • A proven system for executing content consistently
    • How to identify your target market via social channels
    • How to smoothly integrate social media effectively with your other marketing efforts

Take a look at our social media packages below:


social media packages, social media marketing


Which package looks to be the best fit for your business? Book your package. 

*3-month minimum contract for Social Media Marketing services.

3. BLOG MANAGEMENT - Starting at $225/month

WHAT IS IT? Pull all the integral components together that make an effective blog and turn leads into paying customers.

Blogging is more than putting thoughts out into the universe and hoping they catch on. Rather, when used strategically as a marketing weapon, blogging can connect directly with a company's target marketing and deliver insanely effective results.

We help companies understand the integral components of blogging and leverage blog content into the bigger digital marketing picture in order to drive qualified leads, increase conversion, and turn leads into paying customers.

*3-month  minimum contract.



WHAT IS IT? We'll develop and execute sales funnels that turn qualified leads into paying customers.

A marketing funnel is a fancy way of saying we'll help you meet your customers where they already are in relationship with your company and nurture the customer relationship. Marketing messages should be customized differently depending on how familiar potential customers are with your brand. 

Potential customers who have never heard of your brand should be marketed to differently than those who are intimately familiar with your brand, and differently than those who are thiiiisssss close to purchasing from you, and differently than those who have already purchased from you in the past. 

Marketing funnels ensure your message resonates with the lead and ushers them smoothly through the process of becoming a customer, and yes, then a repeat customer. You've likely heard it takes on average seven points of contact in order for a lead to become a customer. Knowing this makes it painfully obvious why digital sales pitches which assume new customers will buy immediately tend to be fruitless and ineffective.

With our Marketing Funnel Development and Execution service, we help companies develop a process that feels natural and fits snuggly into their budget and existing marketing process.

*6-month minimum contract for Marketing Funnel services.


5. INFLUENCER MARKETING- Starting at $350/month 

WHAT IS IT? Leverage the power of social credibility with influencers who convey to peers the advantages of your product or service.

Ever asked friends or family for a recommendation on a plumber or house cleaner? You aren't alone. It's human tendency to place trust in recommendations from people we like, know, and trust.That's how influencer marketing works.
Companies have begun identifying and leveraging the power of recommendation via digital means. Influencer marketing is a nontraditional form of marketing where those with contextual credibility recommend a product to others in their scope of influence. 

It makes sense, right? An influencer is likely to surround him/herself with a comparable market of peers who have similar taste, preference, and buying power to your ideal customer.

Our Influencer Marketing service helps companies develop an Influencer Marketing program to reach new customers by first connecting with likable and trustable peers. Let us help you step outside the traditional methods of marketing and into this creative and yet effective process.

*6-month minimum contract for Influencer Marketing services.


6. ANALYTICS UTILIZATION  - Starting at $150/month

WHAT IS IT? Manage by numbers. Pinpoint and leverage what's working and tweak what isn't.

Even small companies now have the power to manage by numbers in order to invest time and resources into only the most time- and cost-effective marketing methods. With our Analytics Utilization services, we help companies dig into the numbers to pinpoint the biggest drivers of traffic and conversions.

Only with a well-organized strategy can business owners truly know, plan, and project which efforts work best for their bottom line. 

Simply Integrated is well versed with a plethora of powerful analytics tools that can help identify and guide business decisions. Let us help you pull reports that shine light on what's working and what needs improvement in your business. This can be a one-time or on-going service.


7. DIGITAL ADVERTISING  - Starting at $150/month

WHAT IS IT? Drive traffic and conversions with paid digital advertising.

The beauty of digital advertising is the extent to which companies can now hone in on and market to specific demographics. This means that marketing dollars go much further in reaching ideal customers.

Let Simply Integrated customize a digital advertising program for your company. We're able to identify top grossing products and services, along with the customers who are most likely to purchase from you. 


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While I'd be hard-pressed to find a company whose bottom line would not benefit from digital marketing, this is a very fair question. Maybe your company is located on a major highway or an ideal location where foot traffic trumps downtown New York. Maybbbeeeee then you might not need any marketing at all, but even still marketing spans far beyond the "sale." It's also a way of shaping brand awareness and defining precisely the way in which you want customers to think of your brand.



Actually, that's what we specialize in. We don't expect you to come with the marketing strategy - we help craft it by leveraging your knowledge about your business and customers and our expertise in digital marketing. Together, we'll create some epic outcomes.


Probably! We have to be as good of a fit for you as you are for us, right? That's what an initial call, text, or email is for. No charge to find out if we're compatible, so what's there to lose? We kept the contact form short, just for you.


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Our digital marketing services help companies leverage tools to share their messages with customers online. A well-established and well-managed online presence improves your business’s potential for acquiring new customers and keeping current customers.


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