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Small Business Mastermind

Mastermind Community:
A game changer for your business


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This mastermind community of small business owners rallies around a laser focus on actionable strategies to change your behavior, your mindset, and your approach to run a better business. When you know better, you do better.

Together, we help one another create better outcomes than any one of us could on our own. When committed, motivated, and goal-chasing powerhouses gather in one space, a beautiful synergy happens.

When this community meets, actionable conversation flows, powerful experiences are shared so others can learn, and a new world of possibilities begin to emerge.


"The old way of doing business is figuring it all out yourself. The new way of doing business is leaning into community to share experience and expertise." 


What is a Mastermind?

It’s a peer-to-peer mentoring concept where members commit to focused and actionable conversation in an effort to get better at business. A rising tide lifts all boats. 

What's included in the membership?

Membership comes with:

🙌 An active, supportive community to help you through the volatility that the current small business community is facing 


🙌 Access to live, monthly group strategy-focused meetings called "Power Sessions" that unveil building blocks of a small business game plan that work

🙌 Monthly Live Q&A group sessions to be coached through challenges in your unique business

🙌 Sub-communities of business owners with a similar business model who can share business-specific tips and tricks

🙌 Accountability to help you push through challenges and follow through

🙌 A sounding board for decisions and drawing from other entrepreneurs’ experience and expertise

🙌 Open access to all other members to start conversations, ask questions, cheer each other on, and meet up

🙌 Fresh content released continuously throughout the month to dig in to “on your own time” and apply to your business

🙌 Full access to the recorded content library and resources at your fingertips


Sample Mastermind Topics

  • "How to leverage analytics to increase conversion and revenue"
  • "Roadmap to making your first $100K"
  • "What to know about SEO and how to apply it to your digital presence to drive qualified organic traffic"
  • "Actionable ways to strengthen brand perception to increase the value of your product or service"
  • Creating additional revenue streams - How to become financially independent
  • "How to position yourself as the authority and become well-known in your industry"
  • "How to craft a message that deeply resonates with your target audience and turns leads into paying customers"
  • "How to build assets, not paychecks, and build a company with inherent value to potentially sell"


what is a mastermind


What's Included as a Member of the Mastermind Community?

1. Power Session: A Monthly Live, strategy-focused discussion

Convenient, accessible, flexible. Log into the community hosted on Mighty Networks from your computer to participate in conversation, hear the insightful live lessons, connect with your accountability partner, or browse conversation thought-provoking prompts.

2. Monthly Live Q&A Chats

Live Q&A sessions are intended for getting answers in real time. They're perfect for business owners who need insight through conversation but can't necessarily swing $500/month for consulting.

3. Monthly Office Hours

Office hours are come-as-you-wish opportunities to get feedback on your website, run through a policy in your business, or leverage a sounding board.

4. Open access to converse and connect with the community to ask questions, find accountability partners, collaborate, etc.

At the core of the mastermind is a community you can lean into, ask questions to, and tap into knowledge to get better at business...better at efficiency...and better at profitability.

5. A sounding board for decisions and drawing from other entrepreneurs’ experience and expertise

Though we try as entrepreneurs sometimes, we can't be the expert at all things because it dilutes our expertise. Insight from community members who have figured out a component of business you need insight on is crucial.

The old way of doing business is figuring it all out yourself. The new way of doing business is sidestepping the learning curve by surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you and applying actionable takeaways from their wins and losses.

mastermind for entrepreneur

6. Teaming up with others in the community who are at a similar stage in business for support

Mentors have their place at getting better at business, but when it comes to surrounding yourself with community, it's important to have connections with others "within reach."

That's what this mastermind community is for. Some will be somewhat ahead. Some will be somewhat behind. All will be within reach so you know that intelligence being generated through conversation is applicable to your business, all led by Francie Hinrichsen, MBA.

7. Accountability to crush the goals you set for yourself

Accountability is so bittersweet and so crucial as an entrepreneur. With no boss looking over your shoulder, it's easy to put dreams and goals on the back burner without ever realizing it when you sabotage your own success.

Find your accountability partner in our Mastermind Community.


8. Fresh content released continuously throughout the month to dig in to “on your own time” and apply to your business 

Worksheets, videos, guides, and prompts will be released throughout the month so you can dive in and soak up the progress on your own time too. The purpose of the additional learning resources is to spur conversation and better decision making. 


mastermind for small businesses


9. Full access to the recorded content library and resources

While there is a defined attendance policy for once-monthly, advanced notice mastermind meetings, life happens and sometimes you need to catch up. That's what the content library is for. The content library will house all live sessions in addition to recorded video sessions for you to dig into as life allows.

10. Multiple weekly written conversation prompts for group input to develop better decision making over time

You can't just wake up one day and expect to be a great decision maker - you have to put the time in. Conversation prompts help you become more familiar with the language of business and see the big picture so you can continually apply new information and refine your strategy. 

Good decision making happens over time and starts with a single commitment.

11. Guest speakers who bring a high caliber of expertise in areas such as strategic sales, branding, scaling your business, building assets, and much more

While I consult with clients one-on-one regularly, there are areas at which I'm not the expert and outsource even in my own business. Learning from others' expertise is be a critical pillar of getting better together. That's why guest expertise will join and present on topics such as strategic sales, how to handle economic fluctuations, legal considerations, and investing.

12. Manageable monthly fee 

Mastermind membership is available at a manageable monthly fee - an investment that pays dividends when it comes to getting better at business (and a great tax write-off!).


what is a mastermind


Criteria for Joining

This mastermind community is for current business owners who have generated some revenue in their business and can apply the discussed concepts to growing and getting better at an already-established business.


    Mastermind FAQs

    Why the defined attendance policy if I’m paying to be there?

    My goal is for you to take golden nuggets worth 3X what you pay to be a member by applying what you learn back into your business from content every month.

    You can’t uplevel, accelerate your success, or transform your thought processes if you don’t show up to the focused conversation intentionally, ready for positive change.

    Is there a discount for signing up for a year?

    Yes - Sign up for a year and receive 1 month on the house. 


    online mastermind community

    What are the requirements to become a member?

    There are two requirements to become a member:

      1. You need to have already started your business and driven at least some revenue.
      2. Agree to our defined attendance policy, which is: Make 75% of the live 1-hour Power Sessions (Mastermind community meetings) in a rolling 12-month time frame. The live session dates will be predetermined and announced well in advance. There will be a grace period for the first two months of the community so members can get their schedules worked out and we’ll begin a rolling 12-month cycle after that. Participation in the conversational prompts (similar to a Facebook group posts), content library, Office Hours, and Q&A Sessions is optional.


    How can I expect to improve if I join?

    Knowledge is power and also profit.

    Think of the many areas where you can apply proven strategy to your business to improve

    • operations
    • decision making
    • finances
    • hiring
    • processes
    • sales
    • relationships
    • time management
    • investing
    • pricing
    • marketing
    • collaboration
    • repurposing...

    ...just to name a few. The list is nearly endless.

    This mastermind community of small business owners rallies around a laser focus on actionable strategies to change your behavior, your mindset, and your approach to run a better business. When you know better, you do better.

    When you take the initiative to learn about these changes and then apply the actionable takeaways to the redefine the best practices in your business, you can expect to see the following happen in your business:

    • Increase revenue and/or decrease costs  = higher profit margins
    • Gain confidence in your decision making
    • Establish priceless relationships with other business owners who are “within reach” and can help shine light on your path forward
    • Accountability - say what you’re going to do, then do it and look around at the community cheering you on in the process.
    • Pinpoint what’s not working in your business and replace those processes with strategic, fruitful processes.
    • A community of support for decision making
    • Build a business that someone else is interested in buying because you’ve diligently built a business that works

    More questions? Email or check out The Initiative Mastermind for more details.




    Who's leading?

    Francie Hinrichsen of Simply Integrated

    I started my first business when I was eight years old and I've never looked back. Entrepreneurship runs in my blood and because of small business, I've built a life I love waking up to doing work that sets my soul on fire... and all the while, creating value for clients I adore.

    In my business, I manage by numbers. In my circle of influence, I measure success by the quality of my relationships. Both are crucial for success.

    Business is dynamic, ever-evolving, and complex. It takes heart, leadership, discipline, and perpetual commitment. I'll be leading this community of committed, motivated, and goal-chasing powerhouses gathered together in one space with one goal: to get better at business and see the results on the financial statements.

    Street Credentials

    • Relentless goal crusher
    • Previously held a part-time PRN position as an actor in a simulation unit at a hospital to make my dream work, and yes, I wore the hospital gown
    • Marathon Finisher (4:20)
    • Data and analytics nerd
    • Voted most likely to be your small business cheerleader

    Professional Credentials

    • 15%+ year over year growth for 4 straight years in Simply Integrated
    • Masters in Business Administration and Bachelor's in Communication
    • Paid speaking engagement topics: '4 Smart Habits for Successful Business' & 'Identify Your Target Market and Send the Right Message at the Right Time'
    • 2019 - 2020 Peoria Innovation Alliance Board of Directors
    • Founder and Leader of Lipstick and Lattes - a monthly networking event with the purpose of helping entrepreneurs push through current business challenges

    When do we start?

    Doors open to this small business mastermind community on March 30, 2020 and close on April 4th, 2020. Seats are limited and the number of members is at the discretion of the group's leader, Francie Hinrichsen.

    To be notified when the doors open, pricing details, and general updates, please click the button below.