The Initiative Mastermind, Designed for Female Business Owners

what is a mastermind

The Initiative Mastermind Community:
Mutual support for women who run businesses

What is a mastermind?

A mastermind is a community of peers who exchange ideas, provide support, and offer sound advice for running a successful business. According to Forbes, a mastermind's purpose is to help you navigate challenges using the group's collective intelligence.
It’s a peer-to-peer mentoring opportunity where members purposefully engage in focused and actionable conversation in an effort for all members to learn and grow. 

About The Initiative Mastermind Community

As a tight-knit community of female entrepreneurs, we support one another by exchanging ideas to create more successful outcomes than we could each attain on our own. We share openly in a safe atmosphere of encouragement. When one of us accomplishes a win, we all celebrate and learn how it was done.

We're a committed, motivated, goal-getting tribe of female business owners each designing a life and business we love waking up to. Coming together creates a beautiful synergy of togetherness, intelligence, and creative decision-making.


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How can this community benefit you?

Consider The Initiative Mastermind a catalyst for positive growth in your business.

Here are a few of the many ways...


  • A strong sounding board to discuss challenges when they arise.

  • A fresh flow of ideas continually painting the picture for your future ahead.

  • Goal discussion, setting, and accountability, along with the energy and motivation that comes with being amongst a community with other members' forward-moving momentum.

  • Well-managed content topics that give you a 360-view of how to run and grow a solid business and plenty of opportunity to ask questions to the groups leader, other members, or the collective as a whole.

  • Focus to keep your eyes on your objective and continue moving in the direction of your goals and dreams.

  • Our community functions like a private ecosystem with a smart phone app and desktop access, a newsfeed for briefing on anything you missed between sessions, the option for email notifications and alerts customized the way you prefer to receive information, and much more.


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Values female-focused The Initiative Mastermind community stands for


  • Self-improvement
  • Growth, grit, greatness, and grace
  • Goal accountability
  • Inclusiveness
  • An abundance approach - there's enough success to go around
  • Vulnerability while we learn to get better every day


Free Trial to The Initiative Mastermind - What's there to lose?

We understand that the community has to feel like the right fit. Join us for a week to see if this community is the right one for you. If it's not the right fit for your needs, you have no obligation to stay.

What's there to lose?


The Initiative Mastermind


Membership comes with:

🙌 An active, supportive community to help you through the volatility that the current small business community is facing 
🙌 Access to live, monthly group strategy-focused meetings called "Power Sessions" that unveil building blocks of a small business game plan that work

🙌 Monthly Live Q&A group sessions to be coached through challenges in your unique business

🙌 Sub-communities of business owners with a similar business model who can share business-specific tips and tricks

🙌 Accountability to help you push through challenges and follow through

🙌 A sounding board for decisions and drawing from other entrepreneurs’ experience and expertise

🙌 Open access to all other members to start conversations, ask questions, cheer each other on, and meet up

🙌 Fresh content released continuously throughout the month to dig in to “on your own time” and apply to your business

🙌 Full access to the recorded content library and resources at your fingertips




Important member benefits of this female-focused business community

1. Empowering relationships formed through fellowship with women who understand the struggles of running a small business. This tribe of women looks out for one another, sharing opportunities and their best resources for continual self-improvement as a business owner.

2. THREE live monthly virtual opportunities for learning, connection, and growth. Bring the kids (isn't the mute option life changing?!) and show up in your joggers or catch the replay after you put the kids to bed.

3. Regular reminders to stay engaged with goals throughout challenging seasons which, before joining the community, would have bumped you off track. Your goals are helping shape your best self and our community is designed to help keep you focused on them.

4. The sharing of proven methods and a runway for accomplishing the goals that were sewn into your heart.

5. Instant membership benefits, like a helpful tour to show you around the community space and downloadable resources and posts to help you get started pouring into your business today.

6. A personal ambassador you can turn to with questions as you get acquainted with the community.

7. Priority access to 1-on-1 business consulting if and when you need it.


What's it like to participate in The Initiative Mastermind?


1. Power Session: A Monthly Live, strategy-focused discussion

Monthly Power Sessions bring all members together for the exchange of ideas and experience surrounding a topic all members can relate to. Members share their best tips, challenges, experience, and questions to gain clarity on applying strategy in that specific area of business. Topics are announced in advance and members have access to the Power Session Prep Sheet to prepare their thoughts and questions.

Participation in Power Sessions are highly encouraged so that all members can be in community minimally once per month to develop relationships and context with other members for the purpose of building resources.

2. Monthly Live Q&A Sessions

Monthly Live Q&A Sessions are calls positioned one week after Power Sessions intended for follow up to the monthly Power Session topic. These sessions ensure a thorough understanding of the topic as you implement the strategy into your business's best practices. It's easy to listen to a webinar or course and leave feeling motivated, only to become distracted by life and forget to follow through. Monthly Live Q&A Sessions are a solution to that common problem.

3. Monthly Office Hours

Monthly Office Hours Sessions are intended for getting answers in real time. They're perfect for business owners who could use a sounding board for diving into challenges that arise within their business. It's a powerful open-ended opportunity to ask questions and provide support to other business owners also working on self-development.


4. Open access to converse and connect with the community to ask questions, find accountability partners, collaborate, etc.

At the core of The Initiative Mastermind is a community of peers you can lean into, ask questions to, and tap into knowledge to improve at business...improve at efficiency...and improve at profitability.

5. A sounding board for decisions and drawing from other entrepreneurs’ experience and expertise

Though we try as entrepreneurs sometimes, we can't be the expert at all things because it dilutes our expertise. Insight from community members who have figured out a component of business you need insight on is crucial for maintaining a well-balanced and well-run business.

The old way of doing business is figuring it all out yourself. The new way of doing business is sidestepping the learning curve by surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you and applying actionable takeaways from their wins and losses.


6. Teaming up with others in the community who are at a similar stage in business for support

Mentors have their place at getting better at business, but when it comes to surrounding yourself with community, it's important to have connections with peers. We pride ourselves on vetting members so some members may be further along in one area but a beginner in another area. In sum, it's important that members are "within reach" so that the context of discussion is helpful for everyone.

That's what this mastermind community is for. Some will be somewhat ahead in some areas and somewhat inexperienced in others. All will be within reach so you know that intelligence being generated through conversation is applicable to your business, all led by Francie Hinrichsen, an MBA and the community's self-appointed cheerleader.


7. Accountability to crush the goals you set for yourself

Accountability is so bittersweet and so crucial as an entrepreneur. With no boss looking over your shoulder, it's easy to put dreams and goals on the back burner without ever realizing that by doing so, you're sabotaging your own success.

Find your accountability partner in our Mastermind Community.


8. Fresh content released continuously throughout the month to dig in to as time allows and apply takeaways to your business 

Worksheets, videos, guides, and prompts will be released throughout the month so you can dive in and soak up the progress on your own time too. The purpose of the additional learning resources is to spur conversation and better decision making. 


9. Full access to the recorded content library and resources

While there is a defined attendance policy for once-monthly, advanced notice Power Sessions, life happens and sometimes you need to catch up. That's what the content library is for. The content library will house all live sessions in addition to recorded video sessions for you to dig into as life allows.

10. Multiple weekly written conversation prompts for group input to develop better decision making over time

No body can just wake up one day and expect to be a great decision maker - we must expect to put in the time and hard work. Conversation prompts help you become more familiar with the language of business and see the big picture so you can continually apply new information and refine your strategy. 

Good decision making happens over time and starts with a single commitment of initiative.

11. Guest speakers who bring a high caliber of expertise in areas such as strategic sales, branding, scaling your business, building assets, and much more

While I consult with clients one-on-one regularly, there are areas at which I'm not the expert and outsource even in my own business. Learning from others' expertise is a critical pillar of getting better together. That's why guest expertise will join and present on topics such as strategic sales, how to handle economic fluctuations, legal considerations, and investing.

12. Manageable monthly fee 

Mastermind membership is available at a manageable monthly investment - one that pays well when it comes to getting better at business.



What's required to join The Initiative Mastermind?

  • Each member must be managing a business that is already generating revenue prior to joining. No MLMs as an only source of business revenue. If members started their own revenue-generating business and are also separately part of an MLM, they're good to go!
  • Members agree to make Power Sessions as a priority so all members can be in community minimally once per month.
  • Members bring an open mind and open heart. No dry, crummy cake eaters here! (I definitely borrowed this line from our amazing member, Leann, a life coach who's a bright ray of sunshine you'll LOVE meeting!).
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    Questions members asked before they joined


    Is there a free trial?

    Yes - come hang out with us for a week and see if it's your vibe. If it's not, there's no obligation to stay!


    What can I expect upon joining The Initiative Mastermind?

    You can expect a welcoming atmosphere, a focus on self-improvement, accountability for the dreams that were sewn into your heart, and a feeling of finally finding your tribe

    Our community is laid out in an easy-to-understand platform called Mighty Networks that functions similarly to Facebook without all the distractions and cat pictures.


    What are the requirements?

    Requirements to join: 

    1) A business you started (not an MLM) that is already generating revenue, 

    2) Commitment to attend once monthly Power Sessions, which are specially designed intensives focused on an actionable business topic to help you improve, 

    3) An open mind and an open heart.


    Do I save money if I purchase annually?

    Yes, savvy investor, you do! You'll save 17% (the equivalent of two months' worth of mastermind membership) if you join annually rather than month-to-month. The beauty of the annual membership is that it serves as commitment to yourself to stick with your business goals despite what can be difficult ebbs and flows throughout the year.


    What is the community's facilitator like?

    Oh, hey! That's me. I'm Francie Hinrichsen - self-appointed cheerleader of The Initiative Mastermind. I began from scratch a lean and profitable consulting business called Simply Integrated in 2015 and began a second profitable ecommerce business in 2016 - both equipped me with skills to grow something valuable out of zilch. I'm a goal crusher at heart, a Schitt's Creek fangirl (Daviddddddd!), and a natural encourager to my core. 

    Francie Hinrichsen Simply Integrated Female Mastermind

    Sometimes I overindulge on exclamation points (!!!) when members share their wins, but that's only because I'm also jumping up and down in my home office located in Central Illinois, clapping my hands wildly to cheer for them. 

    I'm an introvert, but most people don't believe it. I'm also a toddler mom, wife, Christ-follower, treadmill runner, wake-up-at-5am'er, and BIG dreamer working to grow and scale the value I have to offer into something that positively impacts 1 million women, though not just in this community alone (hot darn, simply typing that gives me chills). 

    I created and carefully designed this community because I wanted to be surrounded with goal-getters like you.  I cannot wait to personally welcome you into this community of amazing women who blow me away with their determination and savvy ideas every. single. week.

    Still have questions? I'm Francie your personal ambassador and I'm here to help! Email me directly at We can even set up a Zoom call to chat about whether our community is a good fit for your needs.


    Why the defined attendance policy if I’m paying to be there?

    My goal is for you to take golden nuggets worth 3X what you pay to be a member by applying what you learn back into your business from content every month.

    You can’t uplevel, accelerate your success, or transform your thought processes if you don’t show up to the focused conversation intentionally, ready for positive change. When members stop engaging, they don't get the maximum benefit of the opportunity and other members don't receive their valuable input. 


    How can I expect to improve if I join?

    Knowledge is power and defines self-improvement.

    Think of the many areas where you can apply proven strategy to your business to improve

    • operations
    • decision making
    • finances
    • hiring
    • processes
    • sales
    • relationships
    • time management
    • investing
    • pricing
    • marketing
    • collaboration
    • repurposing...

    ...just to name a few. The list is nearly endless.


      Investment to Join

      Currently, the investment is $67/month with an annual subscription (Save 31%) or $97/month with a monthly subscription

      An annual option is available with 31% savings for members who prefer to maximize their business budget. 
      A monthly option is also available for members who prefer to account for charges month-by-month as they grow their business.
      More questions? Email or check out The Initiative Mastermind for more details.


      The Initiative Mastermind for female entrepreneurs