Analytics and Marketing Made Easy with Francie Hinrichsen

From: Rocky Mountain Marketing

How do I use Google Analytics?

How do I track website progress?

How do I know if my content is working?

These are questions I'm asked by small business owners all the time, and for good reason. 

Many small business owners choose to focus primarily on revenue-generating activities...

and that's not wrong!

BUT where a lot of small business owners do go wrong is neglecting their analytics.

So many business owners know they should be using data, but they don't.

If this is you or you know you need to improve knowing your analytics, I have the perfect resource for you!

I was a podcast guest speaker on Rocky Mountain Marketing Podcast and we talked through all-things using data for decision-making in your business.

On this episode we discussed so much fun talk about small business in general AND the impact of what knowing your analytics brings to your business.

Listen to the episode.


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