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Business owners are beginning to understand that just having a website doesn’t guarantee ideal customers will be able to find it or find out about their company. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps make sure that customers who are already looking for your product or service find your website and online presence.

SEO is the practice of understanding what search engines look for when they recommend a website in the search engine results pages and highlighting those components of a website to drive organic traffic. Organic traffic is unpaid visits to your website from search engines by searchers (potential customers) who are already looking for your product or service online.

According to the owner of Moz, a marketing powerhouse, “The majority of companies are spending $5000 or more on SEO every year.” Companies unaware of SEO best practices are losing valuable traffic to their optimized competition, which is why collaborating with a SEO specialist is a strategic move for your business.



  • Compounding results

  • Website traffic from qualified leads primed to purchase your product or service

  • Brand awareness

  • Access to data

  • Results are low-cost

  • Drive qualified leads to your site

  • Search engines’ organic recommendations contribute to higher trust factor

  • Source new traffic from search engines instead of depending on social media, email marketing, paid ads, or traditional forms of advertising which tend to be time-consuming and costly.


What does SEO cost?


The number of daily Google searches is 3.5 billion. Increasingly, internet users prefer search engines to find products and services that fit their needs. Websites that aren’t optimized for search cannot leverage this opportunity. Since an optimized website connects your product or service with customers who are already looking for your product or service via search engines, the traffic that lands on your site is more likely primed and ready to buy.

After they land on your site, don’t leave conversion to chance. Our job as your SEO manager is to lead your customers through your site and move them to action with effective Call to Actions. Whether it's making a sale, signing up for email, downloading a lead magnet, or reading a blog post, we help guide your customers throughout your site. That’s why search engine optimization is an effective marketing investment - it’s an opportunity to drive targeted traffic and meet their needs once they find your site.


We prioritize conversion, and conversion can’t be left to chance. We understand that driving qualified traffic to your site is a great start, but there’s another piece to the equation. Once customers find your site, they must then be lead through your site with effective Call to Actions. Bridging increased traffic with conversion and repeat business is the important piece many SEO companies miss. We use our marketing expertise to increase conversions and keep customers coming back.


As SEO strategists, we identify exact keywords your audience uses in search engines and strategically place them in key locations on the backend and front end of your website to make sure search engines identify your site as a suitable recommendation to potential customers. Focused keywords help your website get found by customers already interested in your product or service, which means they have a higher probability of converting into a paying customer.

As SEO specialists, we establish the structure of your website content so that when search engines crawl your site, they easily identify what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to. Since search engines want to deliver pointed results to searchers, they’re more likely to recommend your site high up in the search engine results pages (SERPs) if your site is primed and optimized.

Our job as your SEO strategist is to identify all of the areas for opportunity your site has, such as making sure your site is being indexed correctly. As SEO managers, we make sure your meta tags are written in a way that increases click through rates in the search engine results pages, and ultimately, help drive conversion on your website. 


Keyword research is the process of using SEO tools to identify what terms searchers most often type into search engines in relation to your product or service.

The words you choose on your website to describe products and services are vital for qualified customers to find it. No business can assume it knows what keywords resonate best with customers unless proper keyword research with SEO tools has been executed.

As a simplified example, you may be selling "blue notebooks," but if your customer types in "navy journal," he or she may not find your website if it's not optimized appropriately. Despite the fact that your product is exactly what the customer is looking for, if your website isn't optimized, you'll miss the sale.


The benefits of SEO are many and strategic. SEO is the answer to the question every small business owner faces, “How do I get customers to visit my website?” SEO is the strategy of positioning a website well so that it ranks in search engines, which then drives more traffic to a website. Applying a search engine optimization plan benefits companies in a number of ways.

1. Your competitors are using SEO.

Your competitors are using SEO tactics, which means they’re already appearing in search engine results. If your company doesn’t also appear alongside your competitors, it’s unlikely your competitors will consider your company as an alternative to your competitors product or service offerings.

2. SEO adds selling power.

While it’s important to appear where your competitors are online, it gets more strategic than that. Ever wondered why CVS and Walgreens purposely build close to each other? It’s not just because they’re fierce competitors. Hotellings Law says businesses selling similar products drive more overall traffic when they’re centrally located in high traffic spots.

CVS and Walgreens’ strategy to build close together drives more traffic to one central location, and, together, they can drive more overall traffic than either business could alone. This helps them each take more available market share. It works the same with search engines. 

3. People trust organic search engine results.

Search engines lend credibility. Google is in business to provide searchers with the best possible experience. That means Google wants to provide quick, accurate information to searchers the first time they seek results in a search query. Since Google penalizes companies for misusing SEO best practices, the trustworthiness of organic results helps searchers feel confident that what they’re reading is the best representation of available information on the Internet.

4. Increase in website traffic.

More eyes in front of your product or service offerings means more sales and more opportunity for conversion. Just because a business has a website doesn’t mean customers can easily find it online. The website must be optimized for organic search to appear in search engines, and thus, drive organic traffic.

One of the beautiful benefits to technology is that the barriers to entry with entrepreneurship are so low. Anyone can build a website and “set up shop.” But then, companies are often left wondering why their websites aren’t driving traffic. That is where a SEO company like Simply Integrated helps businesses understand “What is SEO?” and how to best use it to their advantage to drive more website traffic.

  • SEO helps businesses understand their ideal customers. SEO is based on measurable metrics about customer behavior. Those measurable metrics translate into improving a company’s strategies and tactics for online marketing success. Simply Integrated is a SEO services company that helps companies understand what those metrics mean for their business and bottom line.
  • Organic traffic is free. The opportunities are limitless once a website is optimized. Not many things in marketing are free, but after the investment of hiring a SEO strategist, organic traffic strategy is free. SEO is a marketing gift that keeps on giving.

5. Measured accountability.

A SEO management company like Simply Integrated can help companies read those metrics and understand the insights they provide for improving business efforts.

6. Maximize business efforts.

You know marketing is important and you've already put a substantial investment into building your website and digital presence. SEO maximizes these efforts and leverages the presence you've already created with qualified leads and higher conversions. 

What does SEO cost?


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