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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) connects your business’s online presence with ideal customers looking for your product or service. Ranking high in search engines to drive organic traffic is the first of many major benefits of SEO.

Yet, there’s much more to SEO that positively impacts a business’s online presence. From content creation to social marketing strategy, we help companies drive the most impact out of doing business online.




WHAT IS IT? A 60-minute one-on-one session packed with information about optimizing your SEO. 

Our SEO Power Session is ideal for someone looking for help identifying key areas of opportunity with organic (unpaid) traffic. During a 60-minute SEO Power Session, we highlight and educate with information about the key components of SEO and effective changes you can make based on your online data that will enhance your online presence. 



WHAT IS IT? We'll help build SEO into the structure of your site from its inception. Companies that incorporate SEO from the start have the upper hand with online visibility because their intention with building an optimized website helps search engines better understand what types of searchers are a good fit for their content.

SEO Website Planning is perfect for companies looking to include SEO strategy into their marketing efforts from the beginning. Companies that incorporate SEO from the start have the upper hand when it comes to online visibility. Customizing your website with SEO from the planning stage means tailoring the user experience and designing your site exactly as it should function to drive organic traffic from your ideal customer. 

SEO is an investment you can't afford to neglect. Chancing the development of your site and hoping it drives traffic is costly and inefficient. That's why we team up with companies to optimize their websites from the start, drive organic traffic from the start, and increase conversions from the start.

This service comes with a customized checklist unique to your company, industry, product or service, and customer base. We include immediately actionable steps you can take to see results more quickly.

The client needs to have basic knowledge about navigating the backend of a website in order to implement suggested actionable steps. Don't have time or the ability to make the changes yourself? We do that too. Contact us for SEO Website Planning.



WHAT IS IT? The Customized SEO Action List is for companies looking to complete SEO responsibilities themselves but just need guidance to get started.

A Customized SEO Action List is for companies who are well-versed with managing their own site, understand the basics of SEO and SEO best practices, and want a customized list to ensure they're meeting all of the crucial criteria.

This service option is ideal for someone who is Internet-savvy and ready to implement his/her own changes but needs an action list customized to the company's customer base, industry, and company.

Included in this service is a comprehensive evaluation on where your SEO stands and what needs to be accomplished in order for your site to be fully optimized for search.



WHAT IS IT? We provide strategic SEO support and make sure you're consistently well-positioned to drive organic traffic with your online presence.

Our SEO Packages include ongoing, monthly management of your SEO. Whether you're a solopreneur needing basic SEO assistance or a small business looking for a strategic advantage over the competition with SEO, we have a results-focused, ROI-driven option for you.


All On-Going SEO Support packages include:

Depending on your needs, all SEO packages include the following.

SEO Strategy 
Your business is unique, so your SEO strategy should be too. The first thing we do after you select one of our SEO packages is talk with you to understand your competitive advantage, brand, and unique customer base to build a SEO strategy that will leverage what already makes your company great.
Keyword Research
SEO is based on understanding what keywords customers type into search engines to find what they're looking for. We use specialized SEO tools to nail down which related keywords are most likely to drive organic traffic to your website.
On-Page SEO
Elements of on-page SEO such as optimized title tags, proper use of header tags, and optimized keywords placed in your content ensure that search engines can crawl and understand which searchers they should recommend your site to.
Off-Page SEO
Off-page SEO refers to actions taken outside your website to improve rankings. Elements of off-page SEO are tactics like link building opportunities and social media presence. We help make sure your off-page SEO profile helps to drive maximum exposure to your site.
Google Analytics Installation
Google Analytics is a free service to companies and once linked, this powerful tool can provide highly detailed insight about customers and their behavior on your site.
Metrics Reporting
Metrics help us make decisions about how to better understand the customer to increase conversion. Google Analytics is a powerful source of data, but there are also other metrics services available, perhaps through a plug-in on your site or included in your website platform. 



WHAT IS IT? We perform a review of your website and online presence to provide feedback on areas of opportunity to help drive organic traffic and positively impact your bottom line.

Option #1 Full SEO Audit - Starting at $1400

The Full SEO Audit is a one-time comprehensive evaluation by one of our SEO experts. We'll analyze your website in its entirety to discover where your website currently stands and what can be improved to help drive organic leads to your site. You'll receive comprehensive reporting, customized suggestions, and an action plan unique to your business that will increase the visibility of your site in search engines, drive organic traffic to your site, prioritize user experience, and increase conversions. 

Our Full SEO Audit includes the following

✓  Keyword research analysis and identification of up to 15 keywords

✓  On-page, off-page, and technical SEO evaluation 

✓  Link evaluation and plan of action

✓  Sitemap submission

✓  Competitive analysis

✓  Content review

✓  Title, meta, and alt tag evaluation

✓  SERP ranking analysis

✓  Domain authority check and plan of action

✓  Google analytics evaluation

  Customized action plan

✓  60-minute one-on-one strategy consultation to discuss your new customized plan of action


Option #2 Mini SEO Audit - Starting at $479

Our Mini SEO Audit provides insight into the top 3 improvements you can make to SEO on your site. It's a fantastic choice for companies who understand SEO is a priority for their marketing plan, but only want to focus on the 3 main areas of improvement for impactful results.

Our Mini SEO Audit includes the following 

✓  Keyword research analysis and identification of 10 keywords

✓  Identification of 3 prime improvements for your site that will make the most impact for driving organic search traffic

✓  Link evaluation

✓  Mini action plan

✓  30-minute consultation to discuss your new plan of action


 SEO company in Central Illinois




SEO is an integral component of your marketing strategy because your customers are using search engines to identify companies they want to buy products or services from. Without optimization, your site may not be included in their selection of search engine results in the buying process. Without optimization, potential customers likely turn to the competition. Without optimization, you're liable to lose out on valuable market share.

Here are the top reasons why SEO is a vital part of your marketing strategy.

✓  Increases organic traffic to your website 

✓  Identifies what your competitors are doing well so you can outrank them in the search engine results

✓  Strategic, low-cost investment with effective ROI

✓  Establishing SEO on your website increases visibility in search engines

✓  Helps increase conversions once visitors reach your site

✓  Improves the user experience (UX)

✓  Identifies the key areas of opportunity that prompt customers to take action

✓  Opportunity for SEO change implementation (optional)




Francie Hinrichsen, MBA


Our approach integrates well with your digital marketing efforts

Personalized support

✓ We use industry best practices

Ongoing knowledge about search algorithm updates

Fair and competitive pricing



  1. Choose your preferred SEO service or call us to discuss options at 309-431-2266.
  2. Once you secure your desired service, we'll review your website and online presence, and then define a clear strategy and timeline.
  3. We'll communicate with you regularly with updates and outcomes.
  4. Once the project is complete, we'll deliver a customized report on your SEO project.
  5. Monitor your traffic and watch your organic traffic grow.

Contact us to ask a question.




SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's the process of increasing organic search traffic by setting up your web presence to deliver information to search engines. SEO connects your web presence with potential customers who are searching for your product or service.


There are a ton of great resources which provide information about SEO. For starters, visit our blog for up-to-date articles about SEO and marketing in general. We also have downloadable Business Guides on the topic available on our site.

Moz, Search Engine Land, Neil Patel, SEMRush, and Marketing Land all have fantastic blogs for learning SEO. If you're interested, Udemy offers SEO and marketing classes - sometimes free, sometimes paid - on the topic that you can sign up for and take at your own pace.

We don't want to drive you away from using our SEO and marketing services, but we also understand we're in the age of information and research. Research away, and if we can be of service, come on back and get in touch.


You can DIY SEO, and some businesses do. SEO has become an important feature of many website platforms. However, the SEO features, apps, and plug-ins offered by platforms like Wordpress, Shopify, and other website building tools are not comprehensive. These tools are great for on-page SEO, but on-page SEO is only one component of many to a complete strategy.

In addition, search engine algorithms change almost daily, sometimes multiple times a day. SEO experts stay up on these changes and implement for customers accordingly. Since things tend to break when you need them most, don't let a faltering strategy crumble underneath you when you need it most.

DIY'ing SEO is great if you have the time, talent, and digital know-how, and we recommend that option to many of our customers for whom it's a good fit; however, establishing a relationship with Simply Integrated is an important and worthwhile investment best leveraged in advance. We want to be on your team to fend off issues before they happen!


That depends on your company and SEO strategy thus far. We recommend first starting with a snapshot of where your SEO stands with a SEO audit (Full Audit or Mini Audit, depending on your needs and company). We'll take it and help you tailor from there.

Every part of your strategy can be customized to your needs. Our main focus is to get your web presence optimized, and that strategy is as unique as your company. 


Yes, yes, yes! Blogging isn't just sharing your thoughts. It's combining several micro strategies which add up and contribute to focused organic traffic. Your blog is your secret (well, not so secret) weapon rich with opportunity for leveraging SEO.

While almost every aspect of your website can be optimized, your blog is a hyper-focused gathering spot for information your potential customers are seeking and which positions you as an authority on a subject. Who better to buy from than someone who's teaching others about a topic? Added bonus, search engines love blogs (**...if you manage them correctly).

Looking for a content manager? We do that. Click here to talk with us about blogging and content strategy.


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We're on your side and we're behind you every step of the way. Helping you choose which SEO service(s) are best for your situation is only the first of many ways we'll help impact your bottom line.

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Our digital marketing services help companies leverage tools to share their messages with customers online. A well-established and well-managed online presence improves your business’s potential for acquiring new customers and keeping current customers.



If you're looking to learn more about SEO, head over to our SEO information page or check out our store for Business Guides focused on improving your small business.


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