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Welcome to the information page for Simply Integrated's Street Team. Becoming part of this handpicked Street Team means committed support while you take steps to either improve your existing business or start a new business. 


Simply Integrated Street Team and Business Masterminds Group



Business owners, especially solopreneurs, rarely have the opportunity to receive feedback about improving their business operations. It can be difficult to improve business processes and operations without having other bright minds to pitch ideas to, discuss challenges, and brainstorm.

This handpicked Street Team - free to you - presents an opportunity to be part of a larger group of business-minded people to both give and receive support, feedback, and ideas so we can all improve our own business operations.

The group meetings will be guided by Francie Hinrichsen, owner of Simply Integrated once monthly at a time determined by the group. For more information about Francie or to view her business qualifications, visit the About page of this site. 

See the FAQ section below for more information about group specifics.


Included in the free Street Team membership are the following:

  1. free access to all published and future paid business guides in Simply Integrated's Business Guide store,
  2. and inclusion in the monthly virtual Street Team masterminds meeting

Estimated Value: minimum of $375

In return for your free membership on our Street Team, I ask you to

  1. provide structured feedback about paid business guides within one week of receiving the email containing the business guide (providing feedback would likely take about 5-10 minutes for each business guide 1-2x/month; time requirement for evaluating the guide would vary)
  2. and participate in one monthly 30-minute virtual masterminds meeting at a time determined by general consensus of the group.


Simply Integrated Street Team and Business Masterminds Group


Your role would be that of both a sounding board and a sponge. This educational opportunity is free to participate in, but you must give in order to receive.

If chosen, you'd be expected to provide your valuable feedback about Simply Integrated's paid Business Guides in a timely manner, as well as valuable participation in the masterminds meetings where you'll be able to pose questions, learn about others' business operations, glean opportunities to improve your on business processes, and lend feedback and experience to others in the group. The purpose of the meetings is to support and help each other in improving our businesses. 

This is not an employment or contractor opportunity. No monetary payment will be committed for participation in this group.



The purpose of our Business Guides is to provide a valuable resource for business owners and aspiring business owners to take one step forward in improving operations. All guides are business related, but may have different focuses, including marketing, operations, branding, financial, etc.

New free and paid guides will be published monthly. Francie will provide notice to Street Team members for all upcoming guides.


Street Team members will be chosen annually or more often based on Francie's determination. Members may leave the Street Team any time at their discretion granted they fulfill the immediate commitment.


If you are interested in being considered for Street Team membership, please fill out this short questionnaire, which serves as the application. I'll aim to place anyone interested in a masterminds group based on industry, business experience, and other qualifications.



  1. How do I become a member of the street team? The first step is to submit the Street Team questionnaire. This serves as an application. 
  2. When is the questionnaire due? The questionnaire on or before Friday, March 22nd.
  3. Do I have to own a business in order to be chosen? No, but only those with a unique perspective on business will be chosen.
  4. What constitutes as "owning a business"? Side gig, ecommerce business, MLM involvement, brick and mortar, tech company, freelancing business, start up, fully operating business. Not included: hobby.
  5. Will I be notified whether I'm chosen or not? Yes, everyone who submits the questionnaire will be notified about whether or not they were chosen.
  6. How many people will be chosen? TBD. We're looking for the right fit, not necessarily a hard and fast number.
  7. How long is the commitment? We're anticipating choosing new members annually. Since this is the first time a group like this has been chosen within our company, that may change depending on our needs and members' needs. All members will be provided plenty of notice for any and all upcoming changes. 


Ask away! Please submit your questions about Street Team membership using this link: Contact Simply Integrated



Simply Integrated, LLC is committed to an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. We value equal opportunities and prohibit unlawful discriminatory practices, including harassment. Therefore, Simply Integrated, LLC expects that all relationships among persons within the Street Team will be business-like and free of bias, prejudice, and harassment.

Membership in the Street Team will not be chosen on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, national origin, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law.