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A well-designed website - one that not only looks pleasing to the eye but also leads visitors through the experience of buying from you - is a necessary component to running a small business.

Your business's welcome mat

Your small business's website is your welcome mat to potential new customers. It's the storefront that helps them come to know, like, trust, and eventually buy from you.

Don't leave your website design up to chance. Most DIY'ers design a website like a billboard - a one-way marketing medium - because they don't know better. They don't know how to lead customers through an experience. Months later when their website isn't converting, they often can't understand why.

Behind-the-scenes website strategy

A great deal of strategy plays into a website that not only looks good, but also converts well. We integrate an understanding of The Buying Cycle, up-to-date marketing best practices, and ever-changing customer browsing behavior into every website we build.

At Simply Integrated, we build Squarespace and Shopify websites for small businesses. With every project we accept, we build in SEO, conversion optimization, and a customized experience designed specifically for your target audience.


Having a website is a non-negotiable for small businesses because having a website legitimizes a business. It's no longer enough to throw up some text on a page and call it a day. Marketing has changed in that customers decide whether they want to business with you before they reach out by phone or email, so if your website isn't set up to convert, you'll lose precious business to your competitors.

Statistics show your customers are already looking for you online.

These days, your potential customers are already looking for you via search engines. Businesses who have a well-developed online presence will be the ones to capture that precious market share and since your competition likely already has a presence, you can't afford not to have one.

Our Ethics and Web Design

We believe it's important for small business owners to have complete access and control over their online presence. Many web design companies will "rent" small business owners the use of their online space after designing it, holding business owners hostage to high prices for small changes.

This goes against our #1 goal of empowering small business owners. When we create a website for businesses, we hand over accessibility from the moment the log in is created through project completion. We also create walk-through screen recorded videos on the backend of the website upon project completion, giving a simple but complete overview for making changes on your own going forward.

If in the future you'd like us to help manage your site, we can do that under a separate agreement.

Our goal is to empower small business owners so this principle is woven tightly throughout all of our communication and processes.


View Our Work

View our work by browsing the websites Simply Integrated has designed and built featured below.

Sucré Sweets and Socials in Morton, Illinois



How we designed Sucré Sweets and Socials' website

Sucré Sweets and Socials is a restaurant in Morton, Illinois with event space rental, local treat delivery, and the most eye-popping sweets you could dream up.

We leveraged Sucré's crisp photography and fun branding to create a beautiful, but simple aesthetic.

Then, we provided information the visitor would need at any stage of The Buying Cycle with strong and strategic calls to action, a basic, horizontal site structure, and well-researched SEO.

We continue to manage this site weekly with updates, most especially as this young company grows and evolves.

Way to Grow Pediatrics in Peoria, Illinois

Way to Grow Pediatric Therapy in Peoria Illinois

How we designed Way to Grow's website

We began with a conversation with Sara, the company's founder, about her mission, the characteristics of here clientele, and her vision. We integrated knowledge of her well-developed brand, her unique and professional language, and how her customers tend to build trust. After all, the services she provides are for sweet little kiddos. 

It was important that the site we built well-represented the excellent reputation she had worked so hard to develop within the Central Illinois area. Sara and her team are one of the best and most caring pediatric therapist companies in the area and her website needed to convey that.


Meg Church, Relationship Coach

Websites for Small Businesses

How we designed Meg's website

Meg's business model involves coaching and selling courses through the Kajabi platform. Meg's passion for helping women slay self sabotage and create a life of confidence and intention was important for the character of the website itself.

Meg's website is the top of her digital marketing funnel - visitors come to the site to learn more about Meg's offerings, they opt into her email list, and from there, Meg helps nurture and develop a relationship with new leads by providing value.

We create this system for Meg as a way to help clarify her unique coaching services. Since not many people have heard of a self sabotage coach, it was important to integrate education into The Buying Cycle approach we took.


Let's build a website that enhances your small business!

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