Buyer Persona Template, Client Avatar Template, buyer persona matrix
Buyer Persona Template, Client Avatar Template, buyer persona matrix How to find my target market, Client Avatar Template, buyer persona matrix Buyer Persona Template
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Buyer Persona Template

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A common misconception new business owners believe is that "anyone and everyone" is your customer. By trying to market to anyone and everyone, your message becomes diluted, ineffective, and typically reaches no one.

Knowing your "buyer persona," or "customer avatar" as it's often called, allows you to know detailed information about your ideal customer - what their lifestyle is like, what their needs and pains are, what their buying habits are like, how much discretionary income they have to spend on your product, and much, much more. All of these important details help you craft a message that resonates and helps move them through the buying process to purchase your product or service.


Before you can create marketing messages that really sink in with an audience, you must know who you're trying to reach - in essence, you must speak their language. To speak their language, you must know who they are as people in the first place. 

Nailing down your target market can be tricky if you don't know where to start. This Buyer Persona Template (also known as a "Client Avatar Template") helps you identify, describe, and understand who it is you're trying to reach.

According to marketing guru Neil Patel, "A buyer persona is a representation of your target customers' preferences and behavior as they shop and interact with your online business."


Once you know who your potential customers are, the process of selling products and services becomes much more straight forward because it helps you determine: 

  1. Where to focus your marketing messages
  2. What keywords to use in your marketing efforts
  3. What pains your target market is experiencing and how to speak to them
  4. How to identify potential customers and the likelihood they'll buy

This Buyer Persona Template outlines a detailed matrix of exactly what you need to pinpoint about your potential customers, along with an in-depth example to follow and instructions for completing the template.

This is one document you'll refer to over and over as you build your business, starting with identifying who you're trying to reach and how to best market to that ideal client.


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  • New entrepreneurs
  • Existing entrepreneurs looking to solidify business practices / marketing efforts
  • B2C companies, although the template can be adapted for B2B companies
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