How to monitor your online presence
How to monitor your online presence Evaluate and Monitor your online presence, company mentions, how to monitor your online presence Guide to Evaluate and Monitor Your Digital Presence
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Guide to Evaluate and Monitor Your Digital Presence

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Objectively searching out your business online from the perspective of a potential customer allows you to identify what can (and can't) be found about your business.

This 6-Step process packaged as a digital download will open your eyes to potential discrepancies between how you wish for customers to perceive your company and how they actually do.

The Guide to Evaluate and Monitor Your Digital Presence provides detailed insight into exactly how to find out what customers are saying about your business online with specific tips and tricks for executing an unbiased, thorough search and then putting insight into action.

What you'll gain from the Guide to Evaluate and Monitor Your Digital Presence:

  1. Ask yourself the right questions. Keep important aspects of your business top of mind before researching by asking 9 fundamental questions.
  2. Plan and brainstorm. Make a list of all related search terms you'll use to review your online presence. This guide teaches you how to do just that.
  3. Determine where to look. Identify relevant places to look for customer feedback based on your industry and where your customers spend time online.
  4. Execute a thorough search. Plug in the search terms you identified in Step 2.
  5. Document your findings. Included in the guide is a helpful chart for reporting exactly what you find online.
  6. Turn opinions into action. All the revealing insights come down to one question > How will you use your findings to positively impact your business?

Download the Guide to Evaluate and Monitor Your Digital Presence now for suggestions on turning customers' opinions into action to improve your business.


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  • All business owners wishing to understand how to handle online reviews
  • Business owners who aren't sure how to identify mentions of their business across the Internet