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Marketing and SEO Specialist Testimonials
Dr. Carl Soderstrom, CMO of Soderstrom Skin Institute

"Francie combined our services with information useful to the medical community about increasing their use of our services and products. She was very successful. Francie is a delightful, energetic and bright woman with lots of innovative ideas. She is a pleasure to work with, speaks softly and carries a large volume of thoughts that will focus on your needs and growth. As she follows her dream to grow her company, Simply Integrated, I will work with her again in a heartbeat.”

Soderstrom Skin Institute, Peoria Illinois
Meg Church, CEO of Meg Church LLC

"Francie is the consultant I work with one-on-one and who helps my company with business strategy and organization. She has been the biggest blessing after losing my assistant over a year and a half ago! She has been a prayer answered and I have moved mountains with her since I discovered her!”

Meg Church LLC The Self Sabotage Slayer


Dr. Peggy Fisher, Ball State University

“Not only does Francie possess excellent interpersonal skills, she also is well educated possessing her MBA. Once she sets her mind to something, she will be successful. I can attest to her work ethic and positive interactions with peers.”

Barb Bass, former CFO of Fumigation Service and Supply

“Francie distinguished herself by consistently submitting exceptionally well-researched and well-presented reports. Francie is highly intelligent and has good analytical and communication skills. If her performance in our company is a good indication of how she would perform in yours, she would be an extremely positive asset to your company."


Keely LeTourneau, Owner of Sucré Sweets and Socials
"Francie is an amazing part of our Sucré Sweets and Socials family and is a huge part of our success! She's willing to do what it takes to help us succeed and to teach us how to do those things on our own. If we could all build each other up the way she does, this world would be a much better place!"

Sucré Sweet and Socials, Morton Il